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English language students, teachers, and friends,

Welcome to Fun Easy English.

I know many of you are confused about English and want to ask many questions. You are welcome to contact me in any of the following ways.

Facebook - message me....become friends

My Blog - meet my family and practice reading English

I will do my best to answer your questions, and of course, your comments, suggestions, and constructive criticism are always welcome.

As always thank you very much for visiting Fun Easy English and good luck with your English language studies.

From YOUR English Teacher
Howie Hayman
John Kerry on English

Former secretary of state John Kerry talks about why learning English is so important.
Comic About Learning English

Teacher: English is very important for your work and for your life.

Student: English is very difficult. I don't understand it. I cannot study and I'm scared.

Teacher: Calm down. English is very important for your university studies and it can help you achieve your goals.
My Work

The following pages are to my other online projects which include: my family blog, my official agroforest blog, my island blog, and my neighbor island blog including the military base construction updates. The following links all open up to a new tab. If you would like to comment, please post or message me at my Facebook account. Thanks.

My Family Blog
Meet my family and read all about our island adventures.

Our Official Agroforest Page
Our new agroforest page....a work in progress soon to include detailed information and crowd funding.

Our Beautiful Island
Come and visit the small and beautiful island that we call home.

The Destruction of an Island
An ongoing account of the destruction and conversion of our neighbor island to a U.S. military base.
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