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Flashcards 4 Kids - Introduction
Flashcards 4 Kids - Introduction

Hey this a new section of Fun Easy English. If you like these flashcards, please post a comment below. If enough of you like them then I plan to add many more. Thanks.

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Flashcards 4 Kids - General
Alphabet - simple flashcards for learning ABCs
Animals - get to know a few of your animal friends
Colors - an easy way to learn basic colors
Fruits - a few of the more common fruits
Insects - a bunch of creepy bugs
Solar System - visit our neighbors in outer space
Time - Analog Full Hour
Time - Digital Full Hour
Time - Military Full Hour
Vegetables - a group of really tasty stuff
Weather - something that effects people every day
Flashcards 4 Kids - Numbers
Numbers - learn to count from 1-10
Numbers - learn to count from 11-20
Numbers - learn to count from 21-30
Numbers - learn to count from 31-40
Numbers - learn to count from 41-50
Numbers - learn to count from 51-60
Numbers - learn to count from 61-70
Numbers - learn to count from 71-80
Numbers - learn to count from 81-90
Numbers - learn to count from 91-100
Numbers - learn to count from 1-100
Flashcards 4 Kids - Mathematics
Addition - One Plus Number
Addition - Two Plus Number
Addition - Three Plus Number
Addition - Four Plus Number
Addition - Five Plus Number
Addition - Six Plus Number
Addition - Seven Plus Number
Addition - Eight Plus Number
Addition - Nine Plus Number
Addition - Ten Plus Number
Counting - 1-10
Division - Positive Integers
Multiplication - One Times Number
Multiplication - Two Times Number
Multiplication - Three Times Number
Multiplication - Four Times Number
Multiplication - Five Times Number
Multiplication - Six Times Number
Multiplication - Seven Times Number
Multiplication - Eight Times Number
Multiplication - Nine Times Number
Multiplication - Ten Times Number
Subtraction - One Minus Number
Subtraction - Two Minus Number
Subtraction - Three Minus Number
Subtraction - Four Minus Number
Subtraction - Five Minus Number
Subtraction - Six Minus Number
Subtraction - Seven Minus Number
Subtraction - Eight Minus Number
Subtraction - Nine Minus Number
Subtraction - Ten Minus Number
Subtraction - Zero and Positive Integers
More Vocabulary

This is the Fun Easy English, VOA, Voice of America, Special English Word Book Vocabulary. Special English consists of 1,500 essential words which anyone learning English should know.
American English Standard Acronyms

Learn the American English standard acronyms, Internet cyber slang, chatspeak, netspeak, shorthand translexical phonological abbreviations, used in texting, instant messaging, and social networking websites.
American English Phonics

Learn the sounds of vowel and consonant combinations. Match the vowels (A,E,I,O,U) with the consonants (B,D,G,M,N,P,R,T,W,Y) to form words with the same sounds. Pictures included to make understanding easier. Great pages for kids.
American English Standard Portmanteau

Learn the American English standard portmanteau used by Americans in everyday speech and in written materials.
VOA News Words

These are news words videos from Voice of America. A list of more than 350 words with videos in the news of today. You should know these words.
News Words

Learn to correctly pronounce difficult world places and names in the news. Each country page shows the English spelling and the phonetic spelling of difficult to pronounce words in the news from that country. This is very important if you want to discuss the news and other issues with native English speakers.
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