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English language students, teachers, and friends,

Welcome to Fun Easy English. This page is a site map containing links to the main Fun Easy English pages. Hopefully this page will direct you to the pages which you need and work best for you.

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Howie Hayman
  • General
  • Home - Fun Easy English entry page.
  • About - A little bit about Fun Easy English.
  • Contact - A few ways to contact your Fun easy English teacher.
  • Copyright - Information about using Fun Easy English content.
  • Resources - A bunch of messy pages containing links to a lot of free online English language resources.
  • Lessons
  • Dictionary - A page containing a lot of cool stuff including a dictionary, new words, stories, games, and more....updated daily.
  • Classroom - A free lesson for each day of the year.
  • Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
  • Pronunciation - Learn the 44 sounds of American English.
  • Grammar - Know the main points of English grammar.
  • Reductions - Understand the meaning of reduced words like GONNA.
  • Reading - Read about world holidays and take reading tests.
  • Alphabet Writing - Correctly write English in manuscript and cursive.
  • Alphabet Writing 4 Kids - Fun learning pages for kids with writing window.
  • Idioms - Learn popular idioms and how to use them.
  • Slang - Know popular American slang used in TV and movies.
  • Vocabulary - Study basic English words you need to know.
  • Acronyms - Learn the meaning of acronyms like LOL - FYI - WTF.
  • Surveys - Take fun surveys for your reading comprehension skills.
  • Tests - Take fun tests and learn new words.
  • Videos - A collection of all the Fun Easy English videos.
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