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Fun Easy English Classroom October 1


Learn American
English standard
acronyms beginning
with letter B
American English Standard Acronyms - Letter B

Today in the classroom you are going to learn American English standard acronyms beginning with the letter B.
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American English Standard Acronyms - Letter B

American English standard acronyms. Use the Fun Easy English dictionary for a more detailed explanation of the meaning of each acronym.
Acronym Meaning
B Back
B Be
B@U Back at You
B& Banned
B&E Breaking & Entering
B&F Back and Forth
B/C Because
B/F Boyfriend
B/G Background (personal information)
B/W Between
B-DAY Birthday
B2A Business-to-Anyone
B2B Business-to-Business
B2B2C Business-to-Business-to-Consumer
B2C Business-to-Consumer
B2D Business-to-Distributor
B2E Business-to-Employee
B2G Business-to-Government
B2W Back to work
B4 Before
Acronym Meaning
B4N Bye For Now
B4U Before You
B4YKI Before You Know It
B8 Bait (teasing someone)
B8 Bait (under-aged person/teenager)
B9 Boss is watching
BA Bad ass
BAK@U Back at You
BABY Being Annoyed By You
BAC Bad Ass Chick
BAFO Best and final offer
BAG Big Ass Grin
BAG Busting A Gut
BAH The Bahamas
BAK Back At Keyboard
BAM Below average mentality
BAMF Bad Ass Mother Fucker
BAN Bangladesh
banana penis
BAO Be aware of
BAR Barbados
BARB Buy Abroad but Rent in Britain
BAS Big ass smile
BASOR Breathing a sigh of relief
BAU Business As Usual
BAY Back at ya
BB Baby
BB Be Back
BB Big brother
BB Blessed Be
BB Buzzard Breath
BB4N Bye Bye for Now
BBAMFIC Big Bad Ass Mother Fucker In Charge
BBB Boring Beyond Belief
BBB Bye Bye Babe
BBBG Bye Bye Be Good
BBC Big bad challenge
BBFBBM Body By Fisher, Brains By Mattel
BBFN Bye Bye for Now
BBIAB Be Back In A Bit
BBIAF Be Back In A Few
BBIAM Be back in a minute
BBIAS Be Back In A Second
BBIAW Be Back In A While
BBL Be Back Later
BBMFIC Big Bad Mother Fucker In Charge
BBN Bye, bye now
BBQ Bar-B-Que
BBQ Barbeque
BBQ Shooting score/frag (online gaming)
BBR Burnt Beyond Repair
BBS Be Back Soon
BBS Bulletin Board Service
BBSD Be Back Soon Darling
BBSL Be Back Sooner or Later
BBT Be Back Tomorrow
BBW Big Beautiful Woman
BBW Big Black Woman
BC Because
BC Be cool
BCBG Bon Chic Bon Genre
BCBG Belle Cul Belle Geulle
BCBS Big Company, Big School
BCNU Be Seeing You
BCO Big crush on
BCOS because
BCOY Big crush on you
BD Baby Dance
BD Big Deal
BD Brain Drain
BDAY Birthday
BDBI5M Busy Daydreaming Back In 5 Minutes
BDC Big Dumb Company
BDC Big Dot Com
BDL Bradley International Airport
BDN Big Damn Number
BDOA Brain Dead On Arrival
BDSM Bondage, Dominance, Sadism, Masochism
BEG Big Evil Grin
BEL Belgium
BEN Benin
beos Nudge
BER Bermuda
BF Best Friend
BF Boyfriend
BF Brain fart
BF2 Battlefield 2 (online gaming)
BFAW Best friend at work
BFD Big Fucking Deal
BFD Big Fucking Disaster
BFE Bum Fuck Egypt
BFF Best Friends Forever
BFF Best Friend's Funeral
BFFL Best friends for life
BFFLNMW Best friends for life, no matter what
BFFN Best Friends For Now
BFFTTE Best Friends Forever Til The End
BFG Big Fucking Grin
BFG Big Fucking Gun
BFN Bye For Now
BFR Big Fucking Rock
BG Be Good
BG Big grin
BGF Best GirlFriend
BGWM Be gentle with me
BHAG Big Hairy Audacious Goal
BHG Big Hearted Girl
BHG Big Hearted Guy
BHIMBGO Bloody Hell, I Must Be Getting Old
BHL8 Be home late
BHOF Bald Headed Old Fart
BHU Bhutan
BI Business Intelligence
BI5 Back In Five
BIB Boss is back
BIBI Bye Bye
BIBO Beer In, Beer Out
BIC Butt in chair
BIF Basis In Fact
BIF Before I Forget
BIH Bosnia and Herzegovina
BIH Burn in hell
BIL Boss Is Listening
BIL Brother-In-Law
BIO Bring It On
BIOIYA Break It Off In Your Ass
BION Believe It Or Not
BIOYA Blow It Out Your Ass
BIOYE Blow It Out Your Ear
BIOYIOP Blow It Out Your I/O Port
BIOYN Blow it Out Your Nose
BITCH Basically In The Clear Homey
BITD Back In The Day
BITFOB Bring It The Fuck On, Bitch
BITMT But in the meantime
BIZ Belize
BJ Blow Job
BKA Better Known As
BL Belly Laughing
BLBBLB Back Like Bull, Brain Like Bird
Blkbry Blackberry
BLNT Better luck next time
BLR Belarus
BLZRD blizzard
BM Bite me
BM&Y Between me and you
BME Based on my experience
BMF Bad Mother Fucker
BMGWL Busting My Gut With Laughter
BMOC Big Man On Campus
BMOF Bite Me Old Fart
BMOTA Byte Me On The Ass
BMS Baby Making Sex
BMW Bitch, Moan, Whine
BN Bad news
BN Been
BN Being
BNA Nashville International Airport
BNDN Been Nowhere Done Nothing
BNF Big Name Fan
BO Body Odor
BO Bug Off
BOAISY Bend Over And I'll Show You
BOB Back off bitch
BOB Battery Operated Boyfriend
BOBFOC Body Off Baywatch, Face Off Crimewatch
BOCTAAE But Of Course There Are Always Exceptions
BOD Benefit of the Doubt
BOD Board Of Directors
BOE Bind on equip (online gaming)
BOFH Bastard Operator From Hell
BOHICA Bend Over Here It Comes Again
BOL Bolivia
BOL Best of luck
BOLO Be on the look out
BOM bitch of mine
BON Believe it Or Not
book cool
BOOMS Bored out of my skull
BOP Bind on pickup (online gaming)
BOS Logan International Airport
BOSMKL Bending over smacking my knee laughing
BOT Botswana
BOT Back on topic
BOT Be on that
BOTEC Back Of The Envelope Calculation
BOTL Bra On The Loose
BOTOH But On The Other Hand
BOYF Boyfriend
BPLM Big Person Little Mind
BR Bathroom
BR Best regards
BRA Brazil
BRB Be Right Back
BRBB Be right back bitch
BRBNC Be right back, nature calls
BRD Bored
BRH Be right here
BRIC Brazil, Russia, India, China
BRL Belly Roll Laughs
BRN Bahrain
BRO Be Right Over
BRT Be Right There
BRU Brunei
BRUF Big Requirements Up Front
BS Big Smile
BS Brain Strain
BS Bull Shit
BSAAW Big Smile And A Wink
BSBD&NE Book Smart, Brain Dead & No Experience
BSEG Big Shit Eating Grin
BSF But Seriously Folks
BSTS Better safe than sorry
BSOD Blue Screen of Death
BT Between technologies
BT Bite this
BTA Before The Attacks
BTA But Then Again
BTD Bored To Death
BTDT Been There Done That
BTDTGTS Been There, Done That, Got The T-shirt
BTFLDY beautiful day
BTFO Back The Fuck Off
BTFO Bend The Fuck Over
BTHOOM Beats The Heck Out Of Me
BTN Better Than Nothing
BTOIYA Be There Or It's Your Ass
BTR Better
BTSOOM Beats The Shit Out Of Me
BTTT Back To The Top
BTTT Bump To The Top
BTW Bring The Wheelchair
BTW By The Way
BTWBO Be There With Bells On
BTWITIAILWU By The Way I Think I Am In Love With You
BTYC Better Than You Can
BTYCL Bootycall
BTYD Better Than You Do
BUBU Beautiful women
BUF Buffalo Niagara International Airport
BUFF Big Ugly Fat Fuck
buhbye bye
BUL Bulgaria
bump Bring Up My Post
BUR Burkina Faso
BUR Bob Hope Airport
BW Best Wishes
BWDIK But What Do I Know
BWI Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport
BWI But What If
BWL Bursting With Laughter
BWO Black, White or Other
BWTM But Wait, There's More
BYAM Between You And Me
BYKI Before You Know It
BYKT But You Knew That
BYOA Bring Your Own Advil
BYOB Bring Your Own Bottle
BYOB Bring Your Own Beer
BYOC Bring your own computer
BYOD Bring Your Own Device
BYOP Bring your own paint (paintball)
BYOW Bring Your Own Wine
BYOW Build Your Own Website
BYTM Better you than me
BYTME Better You Than Me
BZ Busy
From YOUR Teacher: American English Standard Acronyms

Internet slang (Internet shorthand, Cyber-slang, netspeak, chatspeak, or translexical phonological abbreviation) refers to a variety of slang languages used by different communities on the Internet. Many people use the same abbreviations in texting and instant messaging, and social networking websites like Facebook.
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