Abstract Noun
Abstract Noun

In this lesson you will learn the definition of an abstract noun, study examples of abstract nouns, and take a test.
Abstract Noun Definition
  • An abstract noun:
  • is a word used to describe intangible concepts such as: states, events, concepts, feelings, qualities, etc., that have no physical existence
  • is a word that cannot be perceived through the five physical senses of: hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting and touching
  • is the opposite of a concrete noun
  • An abstract noun is either:
  • countable
  • non-countable
Abstract Noun Examples
  • I know the importance of learning English.
  • I would like the opportunity to study abroad.
  • She needs to have more confidence.
  • Happiness means different things to different people.
  • You should save your money for your education.
  • She has a lot of pride.
  • The following words are abstract nouns
  • advice, afterthought, anger, art, beauty, behavior, business, childhood, confidence, courage, crime, democracy, education, energy, enjoyment, entertainment, freedom, friendship, fun, grammar, hate, hatred, happiness, health, help, history, homework, honesty, importance, information, insurance, intelligence, interest, justice, knowledge, laughter, law, life, love, luck, music, news, noise, opportunity, patience, peace, permission, politics, practice, pride, progress, proof, responsibility, schizophrenia, secrecy, slang, sleep, time, traffic, travel, trouble, truth, unemployment, violence, vocabulary, wealth, work
Abstract Nouns Test

For each test question, fill in the blank with the abstract noun which best fits with the context (meaning) of the sentence.
1.  I really need your ________ about this relationship.

     a.  advice
     b.  anger
     c.  energy
     d.  practice
2.  They accumulated an incredible amount of ________ this year.

     a.  violence
     b.  unemployment
     c.  wealth
     d.  schizophrenia
3.  You really need to think about your ________ next time.

     a.  democracy
     b.  behavior
     c.  justice
     d.  politics
4.  They fell in ________ from the first time they met.

     a.  peace
     b.  pride
     c.  truth
     d.  love
5.  The test shows she has above average ________.

     a.  truth
     b.  sleep
     c.  intelligence
     d.  music
6.  There is a lot of ________ coming from that house anytime.

     a.  noise
     b.  permission
     c.  honesty
     d.  insurance
7.  We try to ________ to Japan at least once a year.

     a.  business
     b.  progress
     c.  work
     d.  travel
8.  The ________ in California is not as good as it used to be.

     a.  laughter
     b.  vocabulary
     c.  education
     d.  trouble
9.  They said she has ________ which explains why she gets so upset.

     a.  schizophrenia
     b.  opportunity
     c.  confidence
     d.  afterthought
10.  You need a lot of ________ if you want to succeed in this world.

     a.  permission
     b.  progress
     c.  enjoyment
     d.  confidence
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