American English Pronunciation Introduction

Are your English pronunciation skills in the toilet?

Learn how to pronounce the 44 sounds of English. Perfect grammar and knowing a lot of vocabulary MEANS NOTHING if nobody can understand you.

These free lessons will make it easier for you to pronounce the sounds of the English language.
American English pronunciation introduction video

Knowing a lot of vocabulary, and using perfect grammar MEANS NOTHING if nobody can understand you. Pronunciation is the most important part of your English language study.
Pronunciation Lessons - Vowels

These are all of the Fun Easy English vowel pronunciation lessons.
Lesson 1 - pronounce heel, key, piece, seat
Lesson 2 - pronounce eight, mail, pay, taste
Lesson 3 - pronounce food, shoe, to, true
Lesson 4 - pronounce coat, grow, toe, woke
Lesson 5 - pronounce calm, hot, on, spa
Lesson 6 - pronounce building, busy, sit, women
Lesson 7 - pronounce friend, head, said, tell
Lesson 8 - pronounce hat, jam, pan, ran
Lesson 9 - pronounce book, could, full, woman
Lesson 10 - pronounce bought, cost, lawn, walk
Lesson 11 - pronounce fun, couple, money, does
Lesson 12 - pronounce time, type, pie, height
Lesson 13 - pronounce mountain, now
Lesson 14 - pronounce toy, royal, coin, point
Lesson 15 - pronounce near, year, beer, here
Lesson 16 - pronounce hair, wear, stare, there
Lesson 17 - pronounce are, barn, party, star
Lesson 18 - pronounce poor, tour, your, sure
Lesson 19 - pronounce port, pour, door, more
Lesson 20 - pronounce were, bird, turn, learn
Pronunciation Lessons - Consonants

These are all of the Fun Easy English consonant pronunciation lessons.
Lesson 21 - pronounce pet, putt, pit, peach
Lesson 22 - pronounce bet, but, bit, beach
Lesson 23 - pronounce ten, tip, time, tile
Lesson 24 - pronounce den, dip, dime, dial
Lesson 25 - pronounce cot, coat, came, cave
Lesson 26 - pronounce got, goat, game, gave
Lesson 27 - pronounce front, fast, fan, ferry
Lesson 28 - pronounce vine, vast, van, very
Lesson 29 - pronounce think, method, month
Lesson 30 - pronounce this, these, together
Lesson 31 - pronounce sip, sit, seat, seem
Lesson 32 - pronounce zoo, lazy, noise, please
Lesson 33 - pronounce sheet, machine, station
Lesson 34 - pronounce casual, garage, beige
Lesson 35 - pronounce chance, beach, nature
Lesson 36 - pronounce jungle, jewelry, gem
Lesson 37 - pronounce man, home, time, warm
Lesson 38 - pronounce no, month, honey, ran
Lesson 39 - pronounce singer, spring, ring
Lesson 40 - pronounce road, read, write, for
Lesson 41 - pronounce load, lead, table, special
Lesson 42 - pronounce yard, year, yield, yen
Lesson 43 - pronounce white, word, would, wool
Lesson 44 - pronounce home, hen, hot, happy
Pronunciation introduction comedy video
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