Step 2: Consult an Advising Center
Step 2: Consult an Advising Center

"You can easily get information from everywhere, but knowing how to select the right program can be much harder."
– Germanic languages and literature student from Hungary

Trained educational advisers in these offices provide information and advice about study in the United States. Advisers are available to assist you in answering questions about:
  • equivalency between the educational system in your country and the United States;
  • entry requirements for study in your field;
  • using reference materials to find institutions that are appropriate for you;
  • sources of financial assistance available in your home country and in the United States;
  • testing and other application requirements;
  • preparation of your applications;
  • planning your education;
  • adjusting to academic and cultural life in the United States;
  • using your education after you return to your home country.
To find the information or advising center nearest you, contact the American embassy or consulate in your country, or consult the list at EducationUSA information and advising centers may be located in U.S. embassies, Fulbright Commissions, binational centers, American libraries, or in some countries at other non-governmental organizations.

When you contact the center, you should be able to provide the following information:
  • the degree(s) you have already earned;
  • your field of study;
  • when you want to begin study in the United States;
  • your English language proficiency;
  • whether or not you need financial assistance.
In addition to educational advisers, graduates of U.S. colleges and universities who have recently returned home are excellent resources for advice about study in the United States.