Choosing a Distance Education Program
Choosing a Distance Education Program

Most successful distance education students have done plenty of research to find the program that is right for them. Some of the points you need to consider before applying to a program include the following:
  • What are the specific educational outcomes of the program? Is earning a degree important to me, or do I want to take just a few classes to learn a new skill or to complete a certificate program to increase my professional status?
  • What are the total costs of the program? Do the fees include books and shipping, if necessary? Are there any additional expenses I might incur? Is there any financial aid available?
  • Is occasional attendance on the campus in the United States possible for me, or do I require a program that can be completed entirely from my home country without traveling to the United States?
  • If the program is synchronous (that is, given at a particular time), would the time difference between my country and the campus in the United States prevent me from taking part?
  • How is the program information delivered, and what equipment will I need to receive it? If it is a computer-based program, does the computer that I use meet the requirements of the program?
  • Will the information be delivered to me in a timely enough fashion (for example, if it is delivered by mail) for me to complete the course?
  • What academic or technical assistance is offered throughout the program by the institution or the body responsible for delivering the program?