Credit Transfer
Credit Transfer

The application process as a transfer student takes time, and you should begin to plan your transfer at least 12 months before the date you wish to start studying at the new institution. Carefully study the section in each college catalog on transferring. Often this will include information on the college's policy on transfer of credit. See 'Choosing the Best College for You' for more information.

The application process for transfer students differs slightly from that of freshman applicants. Transfer students often fill out a separate application form, and the new college usually wants to know two main things:
  • Why do you want to transfer to this institution? You will be asked to write a personal statement outlining your reasons for wishing to transfer. This is probably the single most important part of your application. Note that this should not be a statement of complaint about why you are unhappy at your current institution, but instead a statement of why the new school will better suit your academic needs.
  • What courses of study have you taken, or are you currently taking? What has been your college experience so far? Transfer applicants are expected to have performed well at their current institution and to have proven themselves in higher education.
In addition to the above, you will also need to provide the same items as freshman applicants to the college, including recommendations, transcripts, admissions test scores, and an application essay. See 'Preparing a Successful Application' for more information.

Lastly, remember that transferring is not an easy way into the more selective universities; in fact, many of the more competitive colleges have even more demanding admissions standards at the transfer level than at the freshman level. Many colleges provide statistics on the percentage of applicants accepted for both freshman and transfer admission, which allows you to get a better idea of how competitive the entry is to a particular institution as a transfer student.