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Today in the Fun Easy English Classroom

Idioms: letter N
Idioms Letter N

Today in the classroom you are going to learn some idioms beginning with the letter N.
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Idioms: American English Idioms - Letter N

Today learn 10 idioms beginning with the letter N.
Idiom Definition Usage
nail down make certain of I want to nail down the exact time that we will meet tomorrow.
named after given the name of She was named after one of her cousins.
name is mud reputation is ruined Your name is mud now that you were caught cheating on the exam.
name of the game main objective The name of the game is to make money for the company.
narrow escape barely avoided She had a narrow escape from injury when she fell off her bike.
neck and neck nearly equal The two teams were neck and neck in the game.
neck of the woods area She has never been to my neck of the woods.
needle in a haystack close to impossible Finding your earrings in this field is like a needle in a haystack.
neither fish nor fowl not in a definite group This report is neither fish nor fowl and I am not sure where it should be filed.
neither here nor there off the topic What he is saying is neither here nor there.
More Idioms
From YOUR Teacher: Name is Mud

The American English idiom "name is mud" can mean your reputation is ruined but it can also mean you are simply in trouble for doing something wrong.
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