Fun Easy English Classroom November 26


Learn American
English idioms
letter T
Idioms Letter T

Today in the classroom you are going to learn some idioms beginning with the letter T.
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Idioms: American English Idioms - Letter T

Today learn 10 idioms beginning with the letter T.
Idiom Definition Usage
tail between one's legs feeling ashamed and beaten Because of the scandal, he quit the company with his tail between his legs.
take a back seat accept a lower position I had to take a back seat for the benefit of the company.
take a crack at attempt She decided to take a crack at the entrance exam.
take a dim view of disapprove of Our company will always take a dim view of dishonest people.
take a hike leave I am tired of all your complaining. You should take a hike.
take a leak urinate He stopped at the side of the road to take a leak.
take a nosedive decrease in value The stock price is expected to take a nosedive soon after it is sold to the public.
take a powder leave quickly She decided to take a powder after the meeting.
take a shine to like He began to take a shine to the cute girl in the class.
take a stand on be decisive on The President decided to take a stand on the tax issue.
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From YOUR Teacher: Take a hike

The idiom take a hike does not only mean go for a walk on a trail or up a mountain. The actual idiomatic meaning is when you want someone to leave.
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