Fun Easy English Classroom September 30


Learn American
English idioms
letter P
Idioms Letter P

Today in the classroom you are going to learn some idioms beginning with the letter P.
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Idioms: American English Idioms - Letter P

Today learn 10 idioms beginning with the letter P.
Idiom Definition Usage
pad the bill add false expenses He always tries to pad the bill when he goes on a business trip.
pain in the ass annoying My girlfriend's best friend is a pain in the ass.
pain in the ass bothersome Dealing with my neighbor is always a pain in the ass.
pain in the neck annoying My girlfriend's best friend is a pain in the neck.
pain in the neck bothersome Dealing with my neighbor is always a pain in the neck.
paint oneself into a corner put yourself into a bad situation Try not to paint yourself into a corner at work today.
paint the town red have a good time We decided to go out and paint the town red after work.
palm off lie about and dispose of He tried to palm off his old television set as new and reliable.
pan out become reality I hope that your plans to go back to school pan out.
par for the course what is expected He was late for work again which has become par for the course.
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From YOUR Teacher: Par for the Course

Those of you who play golf know the meaning of the word par. Basically the meaning is the average number of shots for a particular hole. Par for the course means the average, usual, or what is expected. If someone is always late for work then there is a pretty good chance they will be late for work again tomorrow....being late for work is par for the course.
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