Learning English
Learning English Introduction

This is a collection of VOA conversation lessons for intermediate students. Each lesson has a conversation video, a video script, audio listening practice, and a new word section.
Introducing Let's Learn English

In this introduction meet Anna Matteo, the star of the show. She is from a small town. It is nice, but there is no good job for her. She goes to Washington DC. She wants to learn about Washington. You want to learn English. She wants to learn together with you.
Video Script

Anna: Hello, my name is Anna Matteo
Anna: I am from a small town
Anna: It is nice, but there is no good job for me.
Anna: Good-bye small town….and.
Anna: Hello Washington DC.
Anna: I want to learn about Washington.
Anna: You want to learn English.
Anna: Let's learn together.
Let's Learn English Lessons

These are all of the Let's Learn English Lessons for intermediate students. There is a total of 30 lessons covering important English conversation topics.
Lesson 1 - Budget Cuts
Lesson 2 - The Interview
Lesson 3 - He Said - She Said
Lesson 4 - Run Away With the Circus!
Lesson 5 - Greatest Vacation of All Time
Lesson 6 - Will It Float?
Lesson 7 - Tip Your Tour Guide
Lesson 8 - The Best Barbecue
Lesson 9 - Pets Are Family, Too!
Lesson 10 - Visit to Peru
Lesson 11 - The Big Snow
Lesson 12 - Run! Bees!
Lesson 13 - Save the Bees!
Lesson 14 - Made for Each Other
Lesson 15 - Before and After
Lesson 16 - Find Your Joy!
Lesson 17 - Flour Baby, Part 1
Lesson 18 - Flour Baby, Part 2
Lesson 19 - Movie Night
Lesson 20 - The Test Drive
Lesson 21 - Trash to Treasure, Part 1
Lesson 22 - Trash to Treasure, Part 2
Lesson 23 - Rock Star
Lesson 24 - I Feel Super!
Lesson 25 - Only Human
Lesson 26 - Look-alikes
Lesson 27 - Fish out of Water
Lesson 28 - For the Birds
Lesson 29 - Where There's Smoke...
Lesson 30 - Dream a Little Dream

These are activities from the beginner lessons in PDF format. These are on printable pages. These are very useful as a good review of the beginner lessons. Each activity opens to a new window.
Lesson 1 - Welcome!
Lesson 2 - Hello, I'm Anna!
Lesson 3 - I'm Here!
Lesson 4 - What Is It?
Lesson 5 - Where Are You?
Lesson 6 - Where Is the Gym?
Lesson 7 - What Are You Doing?
Lesson 8 - Are You Busy?
Lesson 9 - Is It Cold?
Lesson 10 - Come Over to My Place
Lesson 11 - This Is My Neighborhood
Lesson 12 - Meet My Family
Lesson 13 - Happy Birthday, William Shakespeare!
Lesson 14 - How About This?
Lesson 15 - I Love People-Watching!
Lesson 16 - Where Are You From?
Lesson 17 - Are You Free on Friday?
Lesson 18 - She Always Does That
Lesson 19 - When Do I Start?
Lesson 20 - What Can You Do?
Lesson 21 - Can You Come to the Party?
Lesson 22 - Next Summer...
Lesson 23 - What Do You Want?
Lesson 24 - Yesterday Was Amazing!
Lesson 25 - Watch Out!
Lesson 26 - This Game Is Fun!
Lesson 27 - I Can't Come In
Lesson 28 - I Passed It!
Lesson 29 - A Long Time Ago
Lesson 30 - Rolling on the River
Lesson 31 - Take Me Out to the Ball Game
Lesson 32 - Welcome to the Treehouse!
Lesson 33 - Learning America's Sport
Lesson 34 - What Will I Do?
Lesson 35 - Let’s Make Dinner!
Lesson 36 - I Can Fix This!
Lesson 37 - Let's Agree to Disagree
Lesson 38 - She's My Best Friend!
Lesson 39 - It’s Unbelievable!
Lesson 40 - The Woods Are Alive
Lesson 41 - Teamwork Works Best With a Team
Lesson 42 - I Was Minding My Own Business
Lesson 43 - Time for Plan B
Lesson 44 - Making Healthy Choices
Lesson 45 - This Land is Your Land
Lesson 46 - May I Borrow That?
Lesson 47 - How Can I Help?
Lesson 48 - Have You Ever ...?
Lesson 49 - Operation Spy!
Lesson 50 - Back to School
Lesson 51 - A Good Habit
Lesson 52 - Taking Chances
Additional Conversation Lessons

English conversation lessons. 52 lessons covering pronunciation, speaking, writing, and grammar topics....these lessons are for beginning students.

This is a collection of 30 situational conversations which focus on a wide variety of communicative and natural encounters in English....these lessons are for beginning students.

This is a collection of 36 situational conversations which focus on spoken American English in a relatively natural way....these lessons are for intermediate students.

This is a collection of 30 situational conversations. Each conversation is accompanied by language notes....these lessons are for advanced students.
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