Conversation Lesson 14
Lesson 14 - Made for Each Other

In this lesson Pete and Ashley have found perfect partners. Anna says she has a new boyfriend but Pete and Ashley don't believe her. Is he real or not?
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Lesson Video

Watch the video and then read the video script.
Video Script

Anna: Hello! What are you guys looking at?
Pete: I’m showing Ashley pictures of my girlfriend. We have so much in common -- even small things. She can’t whistle and I can’t either.
Ashley: (to Pete) And here’s a picture of my boyfriend. (sighs)
Ashley: My family is big and so is his. I don’t like ball sports and he doesn’t either! (sighs) We are made for each other ...
Pete: … and so are we. (sighs)
Anna: Uh… you have found perfect partners … and so have I!
Professor Bot: Pete and Ashley are talking about people they love. They are putting two ideas together with connectors.
Let’s start with these two sentences: She can’t whistle. Pete can’t whistle. How do you put them together?
Pete says, "She can’t whistle and I can’t either."
You can see we just add the conjunction “either” and take away the verb “whistle.” And Ashley says: "I don’t like ball sports and he doesn’t either!"
Keep looking for connectors!
Ashley: You met someone, Anna? That’s great! What’s his name?
Anna: His name? His name is uh… (stalling, looks around, sees a bus) Bus … ter. (stalling, looks around, sees a car) Car … ter.
Ashley: (says it like Anna did) Bus...ter Car...ter?
Anna: It’s just Buster Carter, Ashley. I like him and he likes me. We’re a great couple.
Ashley: Hey, let’s all get dinner tonight, together. You can bring Buster.
Pete: (laughing) Yeah, I can’t wait to meet him.
Anna: Thanks, Ashley, but he’s really busy tonight with his uh, (looks around, sees squirrel) squirrel collection. Bye, guys! Gotta go!
Ashley: Squirrel collection?
Pete: You know, she made all that up.
Ashley: That’s so sad. She needs to meet someone. Hey, do you know anyone who she might...
Pete: No.
Anna: (to herself) Anna, Anna, you lied! You lied! Now, they think you have a boyfriend - with a squirrel collection. Here, squirrel. (throws food) Well, you need to tell them the truth. You don’t have a boyfriend.
Man: Excuse me, is this seat taken?
(Anna shyly shakes head “no”)
Anna: Ashley, Pete, I need to talk to you. This morning, I lied.
Pete: Let me guess. There’s no Buster Carter. What a surprise!
Anna: I’m sorry. But later I really did meet someone and we have a lot in common!
He’s good at flying kites and so am I.
He likes to read comics and so do I.
I can play the ukulele and so can he.
Ashley: He sounds perfect for you, Anna. Can he come tonight?
Anna: That’s the sad part. You see, he just got a job as a spy, and tonight he leaves on assignment.
Pete: Of course he does.
Anna: But that's okay, because now I know that there is someone out there made for me. (looks at the time) Oh, it’s late! I have to see him off at the train station. Bye, you guys!
Ashley: Bye Anna! Oh dear, she’s worse than we thought.
Pete: She’s lost her mind.
Ashley: What should we do?
Pete: (happy, excited) Let’s tell her!
(Pete goes to leave but Ashley pulls him back.)
Ashley: No, Pete. Mr. Right may not be real but he makes her really happy.
Professor Bot: Did you find any other connectors? Notice how the words are in a different order in the part after “so.” "I am" becomes "am I" and "he can" becomes "can he."
"He’s good at flying kites and so am I. I can play the ukulele and so can he."

Now practice listening to only the audio portion of the conversation.
New Words
  • boyfriend - n. a man that someone is having a romantic or sexual relationship with
  • collection - n. a group of interesting or beautiful objects brought together in order to show or study them or as a hobby
  • couple - n. two people who are married or who have a romantic or sexual relationship
  • girlfriend - n. a woman that someone is having a romantic or sexual relationship with
  • in common - expression. people who have something in common share interests, beliefs, attitudes, or opinions
  • kite - n. a toy that is made of a light frame covered with cloth, paper, or plastic and that is flown in the air at the end of a long string
  • lie - v. to say or write something that is not true in order to deceive someone
    make (something) up - phrasal verb. created from the imagination or not true or real
  • Mr. Right - expression. the ideal future husband
  • partner - n. someone's husband or wife or the person someone has sexual relations with
  • squirrel - n. a small animal with a long tail and soft fur that lives in trees
  • see (someone) off - phrasal verb. to go to an airport, train station with (someone who is leaving) in order to say goodbye
  • truth - n. the real facts about something
  • whistle - v. to make a high sound by blowing air through your lips or teeth
Source: Voice of America
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