Idioms - Letter G
American English Idioms - Letter G

In this lesson you will learn American English idioms beginning with the letter G. You will learn the definition and study the usage of each idiom.
Idiom Definition Usage
gain ground make progress The company began to gain ground in their effort to sell more products.
game plan strategy The boss will talk about the new game plan at the next office meeting.
gang up on harass as a group The school children tried to gang up on the boy but he ran away.
gas up fill up the gas tank We should gas up tonight before we leave.
get a break get a good deal She wanted to get a break when she bought the car.
get a fix on obtain an accurate location of We were able to get a fix on the distant star.
get a grip get control You need to get a grip of yourself and relax.
get a kick out of lot of enjoyment out of I think she will get a get a kick out of watching the show.
get a load of Take a look at Get a load of that old car.
get a move on hurry You had better get a move on or you are going to be late.
get a rise out of someone make him angry She was able to get a rise out of him when she laughed at his new pants.
get a wiggle on hurry You had better get a wiggle on or you are going to be late.
get a word in find the chance to say something He could not get a word in while talking with the manager.
get a word in edgewise manage to break into the conversation She could not get a word in edgewise.
get across explain She had a hard time trying to get across the idea.
get ahead be successful She really works hard at her job in order to get ahead.
get after urge You should get after her to do her homework.
get along manage He is able to get along on very little money.
get along leave I think we should get along now.
get along with someone have a good relationship with someone She does not get along with him.
get around go to different places She sure does get around more than most people.
get around to find the time for The apartment manager was finally able to get around to fixing the bath.
get at imply I know what you are trying to get at.
get away succeed in leaving He was able to get away from work early.
get away from it all go on a vacation We want to get away from it all this summer.
get away with murder do something bad without being caught or punished The students were able to get away with murder.
get away with something cheat and not get caught He could get away with cheating.
get back return We might get back sooner than originally planned.
get back at get revenge on She is planning to get back at him.
get behind lag behind If you get behind in the homework you will not be able to pass the course.
get behind support They decided to get behind the president.
get by live He is able to easily get by on his salary.
get canned fired If he doesn’t work harder, he’s probably going to get canned.
get cold feet become afraid at the last minute He will probably get cold feet and cancel his plans to go to China.
get cracking get started We will have to get cracking on this project.
get down to begin to You should get down to work now.
get down to brass tacks begin discussing the essential matters We should get down to brass tacks immediately.
get even get revenge He plans to get even.
get-go beginning She did not like her job from the get-go.
get going leave I think that we should get going.
get hold of obtain Please try to get hold of a dictionary for class.
get hold of contact She tried to get hold of him for one month.
get in on the ground floor begin at the lower level She was able to get in on the ground floor of the new company.
get in touch with someone contact I want you to get in touch with me next month.
get in the swing of things become part of the situation Try to get in the swing of things and have fun.
get it understand it I listened to the joke twice, but I still don't get it.
get it together get control You need to get it together before the exam.
get it through one's head understand Try to get it through your head.
get lost go away I want you to get lost.
get mixed up become confused I think that she will get mixed up about the dates.
get off exit She really wanted to get off the train.
get off the ground begin
The new company will get off the ground next week.
get off on the wrong foot have a bad beginning Try not to get off on the wrong foot with the new boss.
get off my back leave me alone I think that you should get off my back.
get off one's butt become busy You should get off your butt.
get off one's high horse not act so arrogant He made mistakes and should get off his high horse.
get off the ground begin The new movie should get off the ground in about a week.
get on enter She really wanted to get on the train.
get on in years get older She is beginning to get on in years.
get on one's high horse act arrogant He tends to get on his high horse at these office meetings.
getting on my nerves irritating me Recently you are getting on my nerves.
get your dander up  angry Try not to get your dander up.
get one's feet wet begin her experience She recently managed to get her feet wet in fashion design.
get one's goat annoy him She usually knows the way to get his goat.
get one's own way get people to do what you want You always try to get your own way.
get one's rear in gear hurry You need to get your rear in gear.
get out from under escape from doing She would like to get out from under all that work.
get out of bed on the wrong side have an awful beginning of the day Did you get out of bed on the wrong side again today?
get out of hand lose control The students often get out of hand every Friday afternoon.
get out of the way of avoid She tried to get out of the way of the oncoming traffic.
get over overcome She will have a difficult time to get over the relationship.
get ready prepare She has to get ready for work now.
get rid of dispose of He thought that she should get rid of the car.
get set prepare They are trying to get set for the engagement party.
get someone down make her unhappy Her job has begun to get her down.
get something over with complete the difficult assignment He wants to get the difficult assignment over with first.
gets going is excited and angry If he gets going he will never stop complaining.
get the ax be fired She thought that he would get the ax from the company this week.
get the ball rolling begin It is time to get the ball rolling.
get the better of gain an advantage over and defeat Try to get the better of your opponent.
get the feel of become accustom to Try to get the feel of this new car.
get the goods on find out information about She is trying to get the goods on her boss.
get the message understand the meaning Maybe he is too stupid to get the message.
get the sack be fired She thought that he would get the sack from the company this week.
get the show on the road begin It is time to get the show on the road.
get the worst of suffer most because of She will probably get the worst of the flu.
get this over with be finished with this Let's get this over with.
get through successfully complete She really needs to get through this class.
get through to be understood by He talked a lot but could not get through to her.
get to have the opportunity to She did not get to see him last week.
get to first base succeed He wanted to meet the boss but could not get to first base.
get to the bottom of find out the cause of The manager tried to get to the bottom of the increased expenses.
get under one's skin irritate her He is beginning to get under her skin.
get up get out of bed She decided to get up early.
get-up-and-go energy He has a lot of get-up-and-go.
get up on the wrong side of the bed have an awful beginning of the day Did you get up on the wrong side of the bed again today?
get up the nerve get enough courage She was finally able to get up the nerve to talk to her boss.
get what's coming to one get what she deserves She is going to get what's coming to her.
get wind of get knowledge of He tried to get wind of the new business plan.
get wise to learn about This week he was able to get wise to the office gossip.
get with it do what is required You need to get with it if you want to keep your job.
get with it hurry up If you don't get with it, we will never finish this work.
give it another shot try again We have to go back and give it another shot.
give the green light give permission The boss will give the green light today to begin the new project.
go for it try Lets go for it.
go public with sell shares to the public of The company is expected to go public with their stock next week.
go through with proceed as planned with We have to go through with the purchase of the new building.
good for you okay with you Is that good for you?
got into became interested in I got into gardening in high school.
got that right are correct You got that right.
grades on a curve computes grades based on class averages Yeah, I heard she grades on a curve.
American English Idiom Challenge - Letter G

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