Idioms - Letter O
American English Idioms - Letter O

In this lesson you will learn American English idioms beginning with the letter O. You will learn the definition and study the usage of each idiom.
Idiom Definition Usage
odds and ends various items We made games for the students using odds and ends from around the house.
of age old enough for certain privileges When he became of age we had a big party for him to celebrate.
of age fully developed Cars became of age many years ago.
of course Certainly Of course you can use my car if you want to.
off again, on again uncertain The plans for the party were off again, on again.
off and on intermittently It has been raining off and on since this morning.
off base inaccurate He was really off base on his estimate of the budget.
off beat unconventional The movie was very off beat.
off center misaligned The picture looks good on that wall but it's a little off center.
off color inappropriate and offensive He likes to tell off color jokes at work.
off duty not working The police officer was off duty when the incident occurred.
off guard by surprise The request caught her a little off guard.
off one's back away and not bother me I wish he would stay off my back.
off one's chest stated and discussed She was able to get the problem off her chest.
off one's hands out of his possession He was able to get that car off his hands.
off one's rocker crazy She must be off her rocker to pay that much for that dress.
off the beam incorrect His comment about the business plan is off the beam.
off the beaten path not well known This restaurant is certainly off the beaten path.
off the beaten track not well known This restaurant is certainly off the beaten track.
off the cuff without thinking His rude comments were really made off the cuff.
off the hook out of trouble He is off the hook now that they realized it was not his mistake.
off the record private He told the reporters to keep the information off the record.
off the top of one's head from memory She could recite all fifty United States off the top of her head.
off the wagon drinking alcohol again after stopping for awhile He is off the wagon.
old hat boring and unchanging Her job has become old hat.
on a diet trying to lose weight Are you on a diet or something?
on a shoestring with very little money He started the new company on a shoestring.
on again, off again uncertain The plans for the party were on again, off again.
on and off intermittently It has been raining on and off since this morning.
on and on tediously The meeting continued on and on until the evening.
on an even keel running smoothly The department is finally on an even keel.
on behalf of representing The lawyer went to the meeting on behalf of his client.
on call ready and available to work The technician was on call the entire night.
on cloud nine very happy She has been on cloud nine ever since she got married.
on credit using a credit card She decided to buy the table on credit.
on easy street financially comfortable He has been on easy street since he sold his business.
on edge nervous and irritable He has really been on edge because of his new job.
on end continuously We worked for hours on end last night.
on faith without question She took his excuse on faith and decided to stay with him.
on guard wary He is staying on guard for any possible security problems.
on hand available The coffee shop had extra pastries on hand.
on hand nearby Please keep your dictionary on hand in case you need it.
on hand present The speaker will be on hand after the lecture if you have questions.
on ice aside for later The plans for the new stadium were put on ice.
on its last legs at the end of its usefulness The television is on its last legs.
on one's back bothering him She has been on his back all week to get a new job.
on one's feet recovered She was on her feet after a long illness.
on one's shoulders his responsibility The mistakes made in the department were on his shoulders.
on one's toes alert The students were expected to stay on their toes.
on pins and needles excited and nervous The players were on pins and needles waiting for the game to begin.
on purpose intentionally I think that she spilled the drink on purpose.
on shaky ground not secure His position at the company is on shaky ground.
on the air broadcasting That television program has been on the air for awhile.
on the ball intelligent He is really on the ball.
on the block for sale The office building is on the block.
on the bandwagon participating in the same thing because of the actions of others Now everyone is on the bandwagon.
on the beam correct What she said was on the beam.
on the blink not working The television is on the blink.
on the button exactly on time She usually arrives at work on the button.
on the coat tails of because of the previous actions of The actor got the part on the coat tails of his famous brother.
on the dole receiving assistance The area is very poor and there are many people on the dole.
on the dot exactly on time She usually arrives at work on the dot.
on the edge of one's seat excited and nervous She was on the edge of her seat waiting for the contest to begin.
on the go busily moving around He has been on the go since early this morning.
on the house free The room at the hotel was on the house.
on the level honest This repair shop is really on the level.
on the loose wandering around Some of the animals at the zoo were on the loose.
on the make trying to take advantage He is on the make and will attempt to take your money.
on the mend feeling better She is on the mend after the car accident last week.
on the move going to many places She is traveling and has been on the move for many months.
on the nose correct His estimate was on the nose.
on the other hand in contrast She is intelligent but on the other hand she is very lazy.
on the road traveling Some truck drivers are almost always on the road.
on the rocks with ice Would you like your whiskey on the rocks?
on the rocks unstable Their relationship appears to be on the rocks.
on the same wavelength thinking the same way We have been on the same wavelength for months.
on the sly secretly We went to the restaurant on the sly.
on the spot in an embarrassing situation She really put him on the spot.
on the spur of the moment suddenly They decided to go to Los Angeles on the spur of the moment.
on the tip of one's tongue not able to be recalled The answer was on the tip of her tongue.
on the up and up honest The company seems to be on the up and up.
on the wagon not drinking alcohol He is on the wagon.
on the warpath very angry He is on the warpath today.
on the whole in general On the whole I think it is a good idea.
on time at the scheduled time Our train arrived right on time.
on top in the lead The home team was on top for most of the game.
on top of in addition to On top of everything else she wants more jewelry.
on top of managing We are able to keep on top of our work.
on top of aware of She is usually on top of the latest fashion trends.
once and for all absolutely She told him once and for all that she would not take the new job.
once in a blue moon rarely She only goes to that restaurant once in a blue moon.
once in a while occasionally We go to that restaurant once in a while to eat Japanese food.
once or twice a few times We went to that restaurant once or twice.
once-over quick look She gave the book a once-over before deciding to buy it.
out of control chaotic Yeah, but it was out of control.
out of the book directly from the book The exams are all out of the book.
over one's limit exceeded your spending limit It appears you are over your limit.
American English Idiom Challenge - Letter O

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