Idioms - Letter N
American English Idioms - Letter N

In this lesson you will learn American English idioms beginning with the letter N. You will learn the definition and study the usage of each idiom.
Idiom Definition Usage
nail down make certain of I want to nail down the exact time that we will meet tomorrow.
named after given the name of She was named after one of her cousins.
name is mud reputation is ruined Your name is mud now that you were caught cheating on the exam.
name of the game main objective The name of the game is to make money for the company.
narrow escape barely avoided She had a narrow escape from injury when she fell off her bike.
neck and neck nearly equal The two teams were neck and neck in the game.
neck of the woods area She has never been to my neck of the woods.
needle in a haystack close to impossible Finding your earrings in this field is like a needle in a haystack.
neither fish nor fowl not in a definite group This report is neither fish nor fowl and I am not sure where it should be filed.
neither here nor there off the topic What he is saying is neither here nor there.
nervous Nellie nervous person Try not to be such a nervous Nellie.
nest egg amount of money saved He has a good nest egg in the bank.
never mind Do not bother Never mind, I can do the laundry.
new blood fresh energy The new employee sure has added new blood to this company.
new deal complete change This business plan is certainly a new deal.
new person person who has become better Since she lost weight she is a new person.
nice out nice weather It sure is nice out today.
nick of time last possible moment He got to work in the nick of time.
nip and tuck evenly matched The two teams were nip and tuck until the end.
nip it in the bud prevent it in the beginning Try to nip it in the bud before it becomes a bigger problem.
no bed of roses not easy Trying to work at two jobs is no bed of roses.
no cigar not agreed to He almost bought the car but in the end the sale was no cigar.
no deal not agreed to He almost bought the car but in the end the sale was no deal.
no dice no He wanted to borrow some money but she said no dice.
no doubt no uncertainty There is no doubt which team will win this year.
no end continually She cried no end after she lost her job.
no end to no finish point There appears to be no end to this project.
no go not happening The plans for this weekend are no go.
no great shakes average The restaurant was no great shakes.
no love lost ill will There is no love lost between them.
no matter regardless of He cannot get good grades no matter how much he studies.
no picnic difficult This new job assignment is no picnic.
no problem okay It's no problem if you bring your friend to the party.
no show absent I think that she will be a no show.
no sweat okay It's no sweat to finish the report on Monday.
no sweat easily accomplished Installing the new light in the kitchen was no sweat.
no way not possible No way to fit all those things in that purse.
no wonder not surprising Since he stayed up all night, it is no wonder that he is tired.
nobody's home the attention is elsewhere If you talk to him you will realize that nobody's home.
nobody's fool an intelligent and independent person She is nobody's fool.
nose about look for something kept private The secretary tries to nose about his desk when he is out.
nose around look for something kept private The secretary tries to nose around his desk when he is out.
not give someone the time of day not give her any attention I would not give her the time of day.
nothing doing not possible Nothing doing. I am not working late tonight.
nothing if not certainly He is nothing if not punctual.
nothing to sneeze at something that should be taken seriously The new business plan is nothing to sneeze at.
not much of a not a good It is not much of a car, but it works.
not on your life definitely not You want to borrow the car. Not on your life.
not so hot not good She has been feeling not so hot lately.
not touch something with a ten-foot pole not want involvement with that car I would not touch that car with a ten-foot pole.
now and then occasionally She likes to go to that restaurant now and then.
number cruncher person who works with numbers The owner of the company has always been a good number cruncher.
number one oneself Always looking out for number one is not the best idea.
nurse a grudge keep a feeling of dislike She will probably nurse a grudge towards her old boss for years.
nuts about enthusiastic She is really nuts about watching movies.
nutty as a fruitcake crazy The woman who lives next door to us is as nutty as a fruitcake.
American English Idiom Challenge - Letter N

Hey do you know any English idioms beginning with the letter N not listed on this page?

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