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Learn American
English reduction
American English Reduction "gotcha"

Today in the Fun Easy English classroom you are going to learn "gotcha" an American English reduction.
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Reductions: "gotcha"

American English reductions are reduced forms of English words.
  • This American English reduction is formed when you combine and reduce the following words.
  • gotcha = got + you
  • This American English reduction is used in the following way.
  • I already gotcha some new clothes.
  • This American English reduction has the following meaning.
  • I already got you some new clothes.
Examples: "gotcha"
  • She gotcha a new pair of pants.
  • (Meaning: She got you a new pair of pants.)
  • He gotcha more of your favorite dessert.
  • (Meaning: He got  you more of your favorite dessert.)
  • He gotcha a ticket to the show.
  • (Meaning: He got you a ticket to the show.)
  • She gotcha drunk again.
  • (Meaning: She got you drunk, intoxicated, again.)
  • I actually gotcha a lot more money.
  • (Meaning: I actually got you a lot more money.)
From YOUR Teacher: Gotcha

This idiom is used often in native English conversations.
Note: Reductions

Remember the following:
  • Reductions are reduced forms of English words.
  • Reductions, such as gotcha are not real words in English.
  • You need to use reductions in order to sound more natural.
  • You need to know reductions in order to understand conversations between native English speakers.
  • Reductions are used extensively in American TV, movies, music, literature, and in conversations among native English speakers.
Reductions in Music and TV

Jessica Mauboy - Gotcha

Songwriters: Ilan Kidron / Jessica Hilda Mauboy / Louis Schoorl
Gotcha lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

Jessica Hilda Mauboy (born 4 August 1989) is an Australian R&B and pop singer, songwriter and actress. Born and raised in Darwin, Northern Territory, Mauboy rose to fame in 2006 on the fourth season of Australian Idol; she became the runner-up and subsequently signed a recording contract with Sony Music Australia. After releasing a live album of her Idol performances and briefly being a member of the girl group Young Divas in 2007, Mauboy released her debut studio album, Been Waiting, the following year. It earned Mauboy her first number-one single "Burn", became the second highest-selling Australian album of 2009, and was certified double platinum by the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA).

This video is a good example of the usage of "gotcha", an English language reduction.

Use a dictionary to look up words you do not understand.

Bang bang heat it up,
Fill my cup I'm filling up
Double done, I'm zipped up
Oh oh oh oh
I'm feeling, I'm feeling your love.
Uh uh yeah
OK, bring my girls,
Time for pussycats to purr
You just have to wait your turn,
Oh oh oh oh
Cause we're running, running the world.
Oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh
Gotcha gotcha gotcha
By the collar and you're coming with me.
Oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh
Gotcha gotcha gotcha
In my pocket where I want you to be.
So you got all the cash
And the big kick stash
And your car's all waxed
Oh oh oh oh
But it's all just an act!
Here we go!
High beams turned on,
We do the impossible
That kind of feelin' you just soar
Are you feeling the feeling my love?
Oh oh oh yeah!
Oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh
Gotcha gotcha gotcha
By the collar and you're coming with me.
Oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh
Gotcha gotcha gotcha
In my pocket where I want you to be.
Oh, you're beating hard to my door
Oh, you're banging feet to the floor,
Oh, the world turning to gold,
Gold gold gold gold
Oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh
Gotcha gotcha gotcha
By the collar and you're coming with me.
Oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh
Gotcha gotcha gotcha
In my pocket where I want you to be.
I gotcha where I want you to be!
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