Fun Easy English Classroom April 5


Learn American
English slang
beginning with
letter E
Slang Letter E

Today in the Fun Easy English classroom you are going to learn some slang beginning with the letter E.
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Slang: American English Slang - Letter E

Today learn slang beginning with the letter E.
Slang Definition Usage
earful gossip My friend gave me an earful about the neighborhood.
earful scolding He really gave his daughter an earful when she came home late.
excellent good That's excellent man.
eyeball look at She likes to eyeball the guys at the club.
eye popper astounding That girl is really an eye popper.
From YOUR Teacher: Slang Letter E

The slang an "earful" is pretty useful and, as shown above, can be used in a couple of situations. If someone tells you a lot of gossip then they are giving you and earful about some topic. If someone, like your boss, is angry at you then they might give you an earful meaning they will scold you and possibly even yell.
Additional Lessons
About These Lessons

The following classroom lessons are great for students who want additional conversation, listening, and reading practice. Please post a comment at the bottom of this page in the Facebook Comments window with your thoughts about these lessons.
  • Conversation Lesson - Beginner Level. Dialogs for everyday use. Short situational dialogs for students of English as a Foreign (EFL) or Second (ESL) Language with a written conversation and a conversation notes section.
Conversation Lesson 13 - Health
(Beginner - Conversation, Reading)

Dialogs for everyday use. Short situational dialogs for students of English as a Foreign (EFL) or Second (ESL) Language.

Jane: I hear you’ve been ill.

Cathy: Well, I had the flu for a couple of weeks, but I’m fine now.

Jane: You’re looking well. By the way, did you hear about Mrs. Jackson?

Cathy: No, What about her?

Jane: She had such a bad case of the flu that they had to take her to the hospital.

Cathy: Oh, I’m sorry to hear that!
Conversation Notes
  • I hear you’ve been ill
  • Note the omission of that, as is usual in reported speech in casual conversation.
  • Well
  • An interjection, used here simply as an introductory word.
  • You’re looking well
  • Here well is an adjective meaning healthy. Are looking is, in this sentence, a linking verb.
  • By the way
  • Incidentally.
  • such a…that…
  • This is a typical “result” sentence.
  • they had to take her
  • This is the “general” they. This clause is equivalent in meaning to the passive She had to be taken.
Source: U.S. State Department
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Avoid Ineffective Study Methods. An audio lesson to help you study English more effectively. The English is spoken at 75% of normal speed. Great English study tips.
Click here to visit the lesson page with the written script for this audio program.
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