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Introduction to
writing the English
Writing the English Alphabet Introduction

Today in the Fun Easy English classroom you will learn a little about writing the English alphabet in manuscript and cursive. You will also learn the ABC Song. Why am I teaching the ABC Song in an adult classroom? After teaching English in Japan for many years I realized this song was being taught incorrectly. Different words and different rhythm.
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Alphabet: Writing the English Alphabet Introduction

Knowing the correct way to write the English alphabet in manuscript and cursive is extremely important. Being able to recognize and write both manuscript and cursive will make it easier for you to understand, not only printed material, but handwritten information as well. It also feels pretty good if people think your handwriting is beautiful.
English alphabet written in manuscript

Writing style used in printing and electronic communications.

Easy to read since the letters are separated.

Generally slow style of writing.
English alphabet written in cursive

Any style of handwriting which is designed for quickly writing down notes and letters by hand.

Can be easy or difficult to read depending on the skill of the writer.

Cursive is generally faster to write than manuscript.
Video: Writing the English Alphabet Introduction
Video: Alphabet ABC Song Information
Video Script: Alphabet ABC Song Information

Hi. In the classroom today you will learn the ABC Song.

The ABC Song is an alphabet song.

An alphabet song is any song used to teach children the alphabet, used in kindergartens, pre-schools and homes around the world.

The ABC Song is one of the best known English language alphabet songs, especially in the United States.

The song was first copyrighted in 1835 by the Boston based music publisher Charles Bradlee.

The theme is that used by Mozart for his piano variations commonly recognizable as "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star".

The lyrics of the ABC Song are as follows.

A-B-C-D-E-F-G, (the comma denotes a short pause)

H-I-J-K-LMNOP, (l-m-n-o spoken twice as quickly as rest of the rhyme)

Q-R-S, T-U-V, (pause between s and t)

W-X, Y and Z, (pause between x and y)

Now I know my ABCs, next time won't you sing with me?

Until next time.
Video: Alphabet ABC Song
Sing the ABC Song,
Watch and sing along with the following video using the words to the ABC Song as shown above in the video script. (music only)
From YOUR Teacher: Learning the English Alphabet

Most American kids begin learning the English alphabet between 2 and 3 years old. They usually begin reading between 3 and 4 years old.
Alphabet: Writing the English Alphabet for Kids

Write the English Alphabet with Akira and Aleem.
Hi. We are Akira and Aleem.
Nice to meet you.
We will teach you the ABC's.
Now, let's learn something about Akira and Aleem.
Hi. My name is Akira.
I am from a small town in Japan.
I am an English language student.
I am studying English in the
United States of America.
My favorite letter is A because
there are 2 A's in my name.
Hi. My name is Aleem.
I am from a small town in India.
I am an English language student.
I am studying English in the
United States of America.
My favorite letter is E because
there are 2 E's in my name.
Fun Easy English Alphabet Writing Lessons For Kids
Video: Writing the English Alphabet for Kids
Flashcards: Alphabet
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