Fun Easy English Classroom January 27


Learn about different
sports and decide
which you like or hate

Today in the Fun Easy English classroom you are going to learn about sports and learn vocabulary. This is kind of an easy day in the classroom.
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Video: Sports
Video Script: Sports

Hi. In the classroom today you will learn a little about sports.

A wide variety of sports are played throughout the world.

Some people like high action sports like American football, soccer, and basketball.

Others like racket sports such as tennis.

Still others like baseball or hockey.

There is also a difference between participation and spectator sports.

Participation means actually getting involved or playing a sport.

Spectator means only watching a sport either in person at a stadium or other location or on television.

Many people like a sport enough to be a participant and a spectator.

Either way, sports are a great way to relax and stay fit.

Until next time.
From YOUR Teacher: Sports

Which sport do I LIKE the most?

I talked about American football a lot in the January 26 lesson. Yup American football is my favorite sport. Why? The game is exciting and the players use speed, strength, and agility to achieve their goals.

Which sport do I HATE the most?

Really difficult question. I would probably say golf but this is maybe unfair since I never tried to play this sport before. I played Frisbee golf in college and really enjoyed it though. Golf is slow moving and seems like not very fun.
Survey: Which sport do you LIKE the most?

Most people are interested in at least one sport.
Pick which sport you LIKE the most on the survey below
and post a comment at the bottom of this page.
Survey: Which sport do you HATE the most?

Most people dislike and even hate at least one sport.
Pick which sport you HATE the most on the survey below
and post a comment at the bottom of this page.
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