Fun Easy English Classroom March 13


Learn American
English reduction
American English Reduction "wanna"

Today in the Fun Easy English classroom you are going to learn "wanna" an American English reduction.
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Reductions: "wanna"

American English reductions are reduced forms of English words.
  • This American English reduction is formed when you combine and reduce the following words.
  • wanna = want + to
  • This American English reduction is used in the following way.
  • I really wanna find a better job.
  • This American English reduction has the following meaning.
  • I really want to find a better job.
Examples: "wanna" (reading and reductions)
  • Do you wanna hang out together today?
  • (Meaning: Do you want to do something together today?)
  • Does she wanna move to San Diego, California?
  • (Meaning: Does she want to move to San Diego, California?)
  • Does he wanna go to the game today?
  • (Meaning: Does he want to go to the game today?)
  • I really wanna ask her out on a date.
  • (Meaning: I really want to ask her out on a date.)
  • We wanna go with you.
  • (Meaning: We want to go with you.)
From YOUR Teacher: Wanna and Kids

Travel to America and visit a playground for kids. You will be able to listen to the reduction "wanna" over and over.

I wanna eat some snacks.
I wanna play longer.
I don't wanna go home.
Video: Britney Spears - I Wanna Go
Britney Spears - I Wanna Go - This is a song from the famous Britney Spears. The English language reduction "wanna" is used over and over and over and over again. Use a dictionary to look up words you do not understand.
Note: Reductions

Remember the following:
  • Reductions are reduced forms of English words.
  • Reductions, such as whatsiz and whatser are not real words in English.
  • You need to use reductions in order to sound more natural.
  • You need to know reductions in order to understand conversations between native English speakers.
  • Reductions are used extensively in American TV, movies, music, literature, and in conversations among native English speakers.
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