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American English
lesson 9
American English Pronunciation Lesson 9

Today in the Fun Easy English classroom you are going to learn to pronounce the sound o as in the words book, could, full, woman. Remember "practice makes perfect" if you want to improve your English speaking ability.
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Pronunciation: American English Lesson 9

Pronounce the sound o as in the words book, could, full, woman. Watch the following pronunciation videos and learn to pronounce this sound correctly.
Video: American English Pronunciation Lesson 9
o wolf, woman
oo book, brook, cook, good, look, soot, stood, took, wood
ou could, should, would
u bullet, full, pudding, pull, sugar
Note: the red letters all have the same sound
Sound: Voiced and Unvoiced

This is a VOICED sound which means Your Vocal Cords DO vibrate when making this sound.
You CAN LISTEN to your Vocal Cords vibrating if you cover your ears with your hands.

Try covering your ears with your hands as Akiko is doing in the picture.

Now make the sound of this lesson. Can you listen to your vocal cords vibrating?
You CAN FEEL your Vocal Cords vibrating if you place your hands on your neck.

Try placing your hands on your neck as Akiko is doing in the picture.

Now make the sound of this lesson. Can you feel your vocal cords vibrating?
The following diagram shows the most important parts of your head and mouth used for pronouncing the sounds of English. It also shows the location of your Vocal Cords.
Position: Mouth, lips, and tongue

The following descriptions explain the proper mouth, lips, and tongue position when you make this sound.

Your mouth should be relaxed.

Your lips should be rounded and in the same position as when you kiss someone.

The back part of your tongue should be in the upper part of your mouth.
Practice video

Listen to the video and practice repeating each word.
Pronunciation practice words

Look at your mouth in a mirror and practice pronouncing the following words. Make sure your mouth, lips, and tongue are in their proper positions.
wolf book could full
woman cook should pull
good would sugar look
Note: the red letters all have the same sound (watch the video above)
Test: Pronunciation word test

Choose the correct letter or letters to complete each of the following words.
1.  b_ _k
2.  c_ _ld
3.  f_ll
4.  w_man
5.  c_ _k
6.  sh_ _ld
7.  p_ll
8.  g_ _d
9.  w_ _ld
10.  s_gar
Note: the letter or letters needed to complete each word all have the same sound.
From YOUR Teacher: Another Kissing Sound

Yup use this lesson as an excuse to go out and kiss someone. Before they slap you in the face, simply explain that you were practicing the Fun Easy English Pronunciation Lesson 9. lol.
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