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non-countable nouns
Non-countable Nouns

Today in the Fun Easy English classroom you are going to learn about non-countable nouns an important part of English grammar.
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Grammar: Non-countable Nouns

Definition of a non-countable noun.
  • A non-countable noun:
  • is also called a non-count noun, uncountable noun, or a mass noun
  • is a word used to describe something that cannot be counted
  • does not have a plural form
  • is similar to a collective noun and the opposite of a countable noun
Non-countable Noun Examples
  • I know the importance of learning English.
  • Please check your baggage at the counter.
  • The fog became very thick.
  • The following words are non-countable nouns (abstract nouns)
  • advice, afterthought, anger, art, beauty, behavior, childhood, confidence, courage, democracy, education, energy, enjoyment, entertainment, friendship, fun, grammar, hate, hatred, happiness, health, help, history, homework, honesty, importance, information, insurance, intelligence, justice, knowledge, laughter, law, love, luck, music, news, noise, patience, peace, permission, politics, practice, pride, progress, proof, schizophrenia, secrecy, slang, sleep, time, unemployment, violence, vocabulary, wealth, work
  • The following words are non-countable nouns (mass noun)
  • baggage, cash, change (money), clothing, equipment, furniture, garbage, homework, jewelry, junk, luggage, machinery, mail, make-up, money, postage, silverware, stuff, trash, vocabulary
  • The following words are non-countable nouns (liquid substances)
  • beer, cream, gasoline, honey, juice, ketchup, lotion, milk, oil, salad dressing, sauce, shampoo, soda, soup, syrup, tea, vinegar, water, wine
  • Note: liquid substances are non-countable nouns but can be counted with an appropriate unit of measure
  • ie: glasses of milk
  • The following words are non-countable nouns (solid substances)
  • bacon, beef, broccoli, butter, celery, chalk, chicken (meat), chocolate, corn, cotton, detergent, dirt, dust, film, fish, flour, food, garlic, glass, gold, grass, hair, hamburger (meat), ice, lettuce, meat, paper, pepper, pork, rice, salt, sand, seafood, silver, spaghetti, spinach, soap, sugar, toothpaste, wheat, wood, yogurt
  • Note: solid substances are non-countable nouns but can be counted with an appropriate unit of measure
  • ie: spoonfuls of rice
  • The following words are non-countable nouns (natural and physical environment)
  • air, carbon dioxide, cold, darkness, electricity, fire, fog, heat, humidity, light, lightning, mist, oxygen, rain, scenery, smog, smoke, snow, sunshine, temperature, thunder, warmth, weather, wind
  • The following words are non-countable nouns (activities)
  • athletics, badminton, baseball, basketball, billiards, bowling, boxing, camping, cards, chess, conversation, cooking, cycling, dancing, darts (game), driving, football, golf, gymnastics, hiking, jogging, poker, reading, running, sailing, singing, soccer, shopping, slating, skiing, studying swimming, surfing, tennis, traveling, volleyball, walking, wrestling
  • The following words are non-countable nouns (school majors)
  • accounting, art, astronomy, biology, business, chemistry, civics, economics, engineering, geography, geometry, history, journalism, linguistics, literature, mathematics, music, nutrition, physics, psychology, science, sociology, speech, writing
From YOUR Teacher: Non-countable Nouns

These are basically words which cannot be counted.
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